We are happy to announce the release of Camunda Modeler 4.5. This release introduces the ability to handle versioned templates, improves the navigation of DMN Decision Tables and delivers various smaller improvements when modeling BPMN.

Download the latest release and start modeling right away.

Templates Versioning

Templates allow you to configure a diagram element with predefined properties —  very helpful when you work with predefined properties or reuse configuration in multiple elements. During development, you may need to change a template. This can now be achieved thanks to templates versioning. By specifying an optional `version` field in the template configuration, the Camunda Modeler can detect and handle newer versions by offering an update option. Templates created and published on Cawemo, will automatically be versioned.

For further information about the template versioning, please read the documentation.

Improved Navigation of DMN Decision Table

To improve navigation in Decision Tables, we decided to make table headers sticky, as well as the index column. Thanks to that feature, you can navigate and edit tables without losing oversight even if they have a large number of inputs, outputs or rules. 

BPMN Modeling Improvements

With the Camunda Modeler 4.5 release, we now support the modeling of additional BPMN properties. 

First, you can now easily model Data Objects with the “isCollection” marker.

Also, Multi-Instance Participants can now be created as well.

Last but not least, you can now replace Data Store References with Data Object References and vice versa. This allows for easier modification of the diagram.

Further Improvements

In addition to these features, this release also contains a couple of minor improvements:

  • DMN editor:
    • We fixed a visual bug when editing literal expressions
  • BPMN editor:
    • We fixed a bug which meant templates stored on the local file system were not being displayed in the Catalog 
    • We renamed Collapsed Pool to Empty Pool

Looking Forward

Please read the changelog to learn about all the features, bug fixes, and numerous additional improvements that made it into this release. Download the new Modeler, give it a try, and, most importantly, give us feedback.

Did we miss anything? Did you spot a bug, or would you like to suggest an improvement? Reach out to us via our forums, tweet us @Camunda, or file issues you found in the Camunda Modeler issue tracker.

Stay tuned for future updates.

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