Calling All Camunda Champions

It’s no secret that the Camunda community is integral to our success — your contributions, your willingness to help, and your passion are a big part of what makes us who we are. And we’re delighted to announce the launch of a new program dedicated to those community members who consistently support other community members and always go above and beyond. Our hope is that by acknowledging, amplifying, and rewarding the work of our most vocal Camunda Champions, we’ll make interacting in our community a more valuable, meaningful experience for everyone.

The Camunda Champion Program will spotlight and reward our most committed, collaborative community members — individuals who demonstrate product expertise while actively supporting and contributing to developer communities in numerous ways, including:

  • Leading meetups and user groups
  • Answering questions in forums
  • Releasing community-maintained libraries or plugins
  • Spreading the word about Camunda products, projects, and events via social media

Recognition, Swag, and More

You deserve credit for your valuable contributions. Community members named Camunda Champions will enjoy the recognition of the community, access to Camunda experts and fellow Champions, exclusive Camunda badges, special swag, first-hand info about platform updates, and more. 

As a Champion, you’ll receive the title (and its related benefits) for one year; we’ll invite you to renew your Champion status for the following year, assuming you continue your high level of contributions and participation. 

Apply to Become a Camunda Champion Today

Interested in becoming a Camunda Champion? Applications are available now, and we want to hear from you! Apply by May 20 to be eligible to start with our first cohort of Champions in June. The Camunda Champion Program team will review all applications and will notify you by email if you’re accepted.

Ready to get started?

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