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We’re thrilled to introduce our first cohort of Camunda Champions - individuals who demonstrate product expertise while actively supporting and contributing to developer communities.
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Our awesome community is what makes us who we are and we genuinely value each and every member. But there are some community members who always go above and beyond to help others — sharing knowledge and expertise, and making our community an even more welcoming and inclusive space, to ensure everybody thrives. 

In April, we launched the Camunda Champion Program, to acknowledge, amplify, and reward the work of our most vocal community members, and make interacting in our community a more valuable, meaningful experience for everyone.

Today, we get to spotlight and reward these committed, collaborative community members — individuals who demonstrate product expertise while actively supporting and contributing to developer communities, by welcoming them to the Camunda Champion Program.

We’re thrilled to introduce our first cohort of Camunda Champions. Hailing from all across the globe, our Champions will be familiar faces to many of you. Each one of them has, in many different ways, elevated the Camunda Community — from speaking at events and leading user groups, to answering questions and contributing to our online communities. We welcome you to join us in congratulating our Champions, as they begin their one-year terms, continuing their incredible work.

Meet our Camunda Champions

Take a look at our gallery of Champions, and hear what some of our new Champions have to say:

“I am very proud to be a part of the Camunda community and more importantly giving back the knowledge to my own community on the benefits of the platform and how it can help their use cases has been a rewarding experience.”

Michelle Chand, USA

“I’m pleased to see the new energy being poured into the community by Camunda. It seems it is evolving every month and this program is a very valuable part of the whole approach. Great!”

Tiese Barrell, Netherlands

“I am very proud to have been accepted into the Camunda Champion Program.”

Mauricio Bitencourt, Brazil

“I love to help other community members by being active in the Camunda Community Forum and organizing and speaking at Camunda events”

Aravindh Ravi, India

“First I want to say that it is amazing how Camunda is growing (In the world and in Brazil) and I’m very happy to somehow be ​part of it! I am really excited about this program! I want to make a difference, love to support others and am passionate about Camunda Solutions.”

William Buzatto, Brazil

Camunda Champions hold their title for one year and enjoy benefits including access to Camunda experts and fellow Champions, exclusive Camunda badges, special swag, first-hand information about platform updates, and more. 

Interested in becoming a Camunda Champion? Applications are open now, and we want to hear from you! Apply by October 20 to be eligible to start with our next cohort of Champions in November. The Camunda Champion Program team will review all applications and will notify you by email if you’re accepted.

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