Camunda Platform Runtime 7.17.0-alpha4 Released

We're pleased to announce the next alpha release of Camunda Platform Runtime 7.17.0. You can download it for free or run it with Docker.
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We’re pleased to announce the next alpha release of Camunda Platform Runtime 7.17.0. This release features the following improvements:

You can download it for free or run it with Docker.

For a complete list of all improvements, look at the release notes. Please also see the list of known issues.

If you want to dig deeper, you can find the source code on GitHub.

New Permissions for Operations Engineers

Operations engineers usually supervise processes and applications to ensure that they run smoothly from a technical perspective. Typically, these engineers don’t need full access. They only need access and the ability to change system information, including system properties, metrics, database information, telemetry, and license key data.

We created a new set of permissions for those engineers, called system permissions. An operations engineer can receive Read, Set and Delete permissions for all system resources and features. Those features include access to system properties, license keys, system metrics, deployments, and applications. Our documentation shows a complete list of the features available to users with system permissions.

Camunda Run LDAP improvements

This alpha release provides further improvements for our Camunda Run distribution. We offered an LDAP integration with Camunda Run from the start. 

However, a piece of the puzzle was missing. Users could configure the LDAP integration but had trouble granting administrative access to the Camunda Platform to certain LDAP users or groups. This access was granted through the administrator authorization plugin.

Camunda Run now comes with the administrator authorization plugin and exposes the administrator authorization plugin configuration parameters as YAML configuration properties.

Furthermore, in the Camunda Run production.yaml configuration file, we now have a configuration example for the LDAP integration. You can uncomment this section of the YAML file and adjust the values to your needs.

Supported Environments

We added official support for the MariaDB version 10.6 environment with this alpha release.

Share Your Thoughts with Us!

Your feedback is essential to us. Please download Camunda Platform Runtime 7.17.0-alpha4, try it out, and let us know what you think about it.
You can contact us in our forum, tweet us, or file a bug in our ticket system.

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