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Category: Product
Bring Salesforce into your core business processes with the new out-of-the-box Salesforce Connector from Camunda.
With the Camunda public REST API for Web Modeler, developers can perform advanced operations, from standard CRUD to creating entirely new projects and more.
Take a deep dive into how hot backups are implemented in Zeebe, the cloud native workflow and decision engine of Camunda.
Camunda Tasklist API now includes a powerful new filter. Learn how it can help you today.
Camunda’s latest release adds many features that improve the user experience and help you scale automation success. Check out what's new!
We've relaunched our Professional plan as the Starter plan with an updated offering and a new monthly price to help you get started faster.
Did you know that you can keep your process instances moving with Operate? Learn how in this tutorial.
Learn how to provide the status of running and completed instances in your own custom UIs.
We're excited to announce the August 2023 alpha release of Camunda. Check out what's new.