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Tag: Camunda Modeler
Learn how you can take advantage of generative AI to build forms faster and incorporate them into your processes.
We’ve made process development fun and exciting for your team with Play. Share your feedback to help us make it better.
Announcing the latest version of Camunda Desktop Modeler! Check out the new searchable palette in the form editor and much more.
Announcing the latest version of Camunda Desktop Modeler! Check out a preview of the new form features coming in the Camunda Platform 8.2 release.
Learn how the benefits of process mapping can help your organization gain an advantage. See a process mapping example and tips for creating one yourself.
We’re pleased to announce the release of Camunda Desktop Modeler 5.1. This release focuses on providing a smooth and intuitive modeling experience through several minor and major enhancements, such as the new multi-select context pad.
A bill's journey through the U.S. House of Representatives is modeled in Camunda Platform 8 and BPMN. Along the way, see how forms incorporate human tasks throughout the process and how DMN helps minimize errors.