Zymergen is the world’s first molecular manufacturing technology company ushering in a new age of manufacturing and industrial innovation. Zymergen, a World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer, leverages the power of machine learning, automation, and bioengineering, to take a radically different approach to improving the performance of materials and to discovering new molecular products that touch every industry – from agriculture to chemicals and materials, pharmaceuticals, and more. The technology is in use today, creating value for Fortune 1000 companies and major corporations across the globe.


Zymergen needed a workflow solution that allows modeling of complex biological manufacturing processes, display of step-by-step directions for humans and robotics, and two-way integration with our data management systems. Camunda gave us the balanced ability to deeply integrate with our automation and digital systems, while providing a flexible interface for scientists and other non-programmers to create, update, and execute these complex workflows.

– Aaron Kimball, CTO Zymergen

zymergen case study


Zymergen needed a flexible and scalable workflow automation solution to expedite the process of onboarding new projects, while still maintaining process efficiency and customizability. Since implementing Camunda, the company has increased the speed of onboarding new projects, reduced manufacturing workflow deviations, and reduced time spent analyzing data for process optimization.