Digital Transformation: Deutsche Telekom Counts on Camunda for Process Automation and RPA Orchestration

Press Release

March 17, 2020

  • Deutsche Telekom is driving the digital transformation of the company and is using Camunda to automate processes in its customer service sector, among other areas
  • One of the largest Robotic Process Automation (RPA) implementations in Europe is being orchestrated and gradually transitioned from front-end to back-end automation
  • As a result, processes can be automated faster, are easier to customize and more scalable

BERLIN, March 17, 2020 – Open-source software provider Camunda is powering Deutsche Telekom’s customer service sector with its successful Process Automation platform. The leading German telecommunications provider has embraced process automation to drive digital transformation company-wide and replace inefficient processes. At Deutsche Telekom, Camunda enables the orchestration of more than 2,500 individual software robots (RPA bots), as well as the transition of the current frontend automation to a less maintenance-intensive and better-integrated backend automation, providing further automation and savings opportunities.

Deutsche Telekom aims to better support the customer service function digitally and improve process automation. The company has moved further than most European businesses in developing an army of more than 2,500 RPA bots to automatically handle and improve manual processes, resulting in annual savings of approximately 100 million euros. The next step for the company is to transform this ‘front-end automation’ technology – which is expensive to maintain, manage errors and control business processes end-to-end – into backend automation, integrated more strongly with core IT systems.

With Camunda BPM, there is now a central platform for process automation that ensures IT systems and RPA bots can be addressed directly via APIs, and all required information can be exchanged digitally from start to finish. Going forward, these RPA bots will be increasingly replaced by API-based interfaces, which is easily done without having to further adapt the business processes in Camunda. This shift will provide a smooth migration to an IT infrastructure that enables a sustainable digital transformation.

‘We are proud to have made the move towards digital transformation very early on and built one of the largest RPA platforms in Europe,’ says Marco Einacker, Vice President Service IT at Deutsche Telekom. ‘Building on our RPA experience, we are now entering the next phase, automating processes from start to finish with the help of Camunda to accelerate digital transformation quickly and sustainably.’

‘Automated processes are at the heart of any digital enterprise,’ says Jakob Freund, CEO, Camunda. ‘To achieve this, business and IT must effectively collaborate and processes must be continuously managed across a wide range of technical systems. RPA is a useful short-term solution for many companies to selectively automate the work of individual components in legacy systems. The next step is to include these isolated RPA bots in continuous process control and, where possible, gradually replace them with real API services. We are delighted to accompany Deutsche Telekom on its way to becoming a digital enterprise with Camunda BPM.’

With Camunda BPM software, complete processes and complex decisions can be designed, automated and improved. This cohesive approach makes it easier for companies to manage complex processes across multiple IT systems automatically, much faster and more cost-effectively than before. Camunda supports the established BPMN and DMN standards, which enables effective communication between business stakeholders and software developers. With end-to-end management in Camunda, there is a complete overview across all processes, including the involved RPA bots used to monitor individual operations, which is especially important for improving the overall performance of processes.

The new solution with Camunda BPM was introduced within Deutsche Telekom in 2019 and has been in production since the beginning of 2020.

About Camunda
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