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The easy-to-use BPMN and DMN collaboration solution for sustainable business-IT alignment

Collaboratively Model BPMN Processes

Create BPMN process diagrams with all stakeholders involved to specify the workflow that should be automated. Seek alignment between business analysts, project managers and IT people to implement the right process.

  • Model BPMN process diagrams simultaneously with multiple people
  • Attach specification descriptions and links to diagram nodes
  • Discuss with all team members within the diagram
  • Embed diagrams into HTML pages (e.g. Confluence)
  • Export specifications as BPMN 2.0 XML files
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“I have always been using the Camunda Modeler version but this web version is game changing. I can now easily collaborate with my team seamlessly. Thank you for making it so awesome!”

— Bernard, using Cawemo since 2019

Model Decisions with DMN

Collaboratively model business decisions by creating DMN diagrams that are ready for decision automation. Business stakeholders can define decision tables for easy configuration of an automated process.

  • Model DMN decisions simultaneously with multiple people
  • Embed decision tables into HTML pages (e.g. Confluence)
  • Export decision models as DMN 1.3 XML files

Share a catalog of reusable templates

Shareable, reusable task templates eliminate rework and help low-code developers automate processes faster and with fewer errors. Templates can capture domain-specific functionality, facilitating reuse across projects and speeding up the delivery of automated processes to the business. Built-in templates that orchestrate RPA bots help teams get started fast.

Integrate with Camunda Platform

Bring visibility to your process automation projects by integrating Cawemo with Camunda Platform. Plugins for Modeler and the BPMN Workflow Engine allow you to:

  • Sync BPMN processes that are already deployed with Cawemo
  • Sync the latest version of a BPMN diagram with Modeler
  • Share task templates between the Cawemo Catalog and Modeler
  • Branch off the latest version of a diagram or table to draft the next iteration
  • Connect all synced diagrams of a process to see its evolution

Keep Track of Changes

Use the version history to compare iterations of a BPMN process. Differences between versions are highlighted so it’s easy to see what has changed. Milestone versions can be created automatically or created manually for greater control.

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Create BPMN process diagrams
Create DMN decision tables
Import BPMN 2.0 XML, DMN 1.3 XML
Export BPMN 2.0 XML, DMN 1.3 XML, PNG or SVG
Specification Annotations
Process Linking for Call Activities
Collaboration & Sharing
Collaborative Editing
Comments & Discussions
Embedding (HTML, Confluence)
Link Sharing
Milestone History
Visual Diagram Comparisons
Shareable Template Catalog
Templates for External Service Tasks
Templates for UiPath
Templates for Automation Anywhere
Template Versioning
Camunda Stack Integrations
Camunda Engine Integration
Camunda Modeler Integration
Enterprise Support and Maintenance (as part of your Camunda Enterprise contract)