Goldman Sachs + Camunda

Delivering high-powered banking automation at scale through process orchestration

Leading global investment banking, securities and investment management firm Goldman Sachs uses Camunda as its microservices orchestration platform engine to deliver financial automation at enterprise scale. Explore how Camunda’s process orchestration platform has powered their core banking use cases with an emphasis on throughput, scalability, and resilience.

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Payment processing

How Camunda makes billing easier for Goldman Sachs – and pain-free for customers

Financial services clients often have complex needs – which can translate into challenging billing and payment processing for their firms. See how Goldman Sachs has developed their payment processing and other platforms to support these client needs at scale across the organization.

Core banking use cases

The evolution of the Goldman Sachs microservices automation platform

From high throughput needs to evolving security concerns, there are a number of challenges unique to financial services technical use cases. Explore how Goldman Sachs has worked with Camunda over the past eight years to build a microservices automation platform that addresses these challenges and supports the firm’s core banking processes, with an average 6 million tasks executed each week.

Workflow automation platform

Deep dive: The Camunda-powered Goldman Sachs workflow platform

When it comes to financial services platforms, visibility and the ability to empower both developers and non-technical business roles are vital to success. See how Goldman Sachs embraced BPMN and DMN to build one of the largest and most advanced process automation platforms in the industry to deliver digital transformation at enterprise scale.

Process Orchestration Evolution

See where it all started for Goldman Sachs and Camunda

While Camunda is now at the heart of an enterprise-scale process automation platform orchestrating thousands of processes, Goldman Sachs originally selected Camunda to improve two specific platforms. Learn more about these first projects, Workflow Elements and Decision Services Platform, and how these initiatives evolved into the industry-leading platform Goldman Sachs uses today.

“Everybody at the firm in some capacity uses our [Camunda-based] platform, whether that’s as a designer or implementer or as a recipient of human task that they engage with. On average we have about 8,000 people completing tasks on the platform on a daily basis.”

Co-head of Workflow Engineering
Goldman Sachs