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We have Camunda Cockpit as a great tool for monitoring and operations. But roles and requirements for monitoring and operations always differ in our real-life projects – so we allow plugins for Cockpit. In the last 48 hours (on our Camunda hackdays) we implemented a “plugin store” for the existing community plugins – so everybody can much easier try out plugins or see what plugins exist.

The plugin store scans various GitHub repositories and searches for plugin metadata. And we compiled a list of all default plugins included in the standard distribution (as most of the cockpit functionality is implemented as plugin). You can browse through all plugins easily:

After collecting plugins you can:

  • download the cockpit.war: In the background this clones the GitHub repository and does a Maven build for all plugins. Then a cockpit Maven project is created which does an overlay of the original cockpit and adds all plugins as dependency. This generates the cockpit.war which then is provided as download.
  • download the pom.xml and index.html: You can download the pom.xml used to generate cockpit and build it yourself. The index.html must be included in cockpit to exclude default plugins.
  • save the configuration: You will get a unique URL to access the configuration later on – or to send it to your colleagues.
Try it out and give us feedback in the forum.
If you want to develop own plugins these links may be convenient for you – so you can help filling our plugin store immediately:
Thanks guys (Christian, Falko and Ingo) – we were a great team. Can’t wait for hackdays 2015!

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