Camunda BPM 7.3.0-alpha1 released

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The first alpha release in the 7.3 branch is ready! This is what’s inside:

  • New Documentation
    • Case Management Getting Started Tutorial (Docs)
    • Multi Tenancy (Docs)
  • Process Engine
    • Features
      • Namespaces in XPath (CAM-2342)
      • Typed Variable API in CDI Module (CAM-3152, contribution by Michael Scholz)
      • Support for CMMN Manual Activation Rule (CAM-3169)
      • Use BPMN Call Activity for starting a CMMN Case Instance (CAM-3353)
    • Bugfixes
  • Cockpit
    • Maintenance
      • Upgrade to Bootstrap 3 (See “Known Issues” below)
      • Switched from Angular UI to Angular Bootstrap (See “Known Issues” below)
      • Support for requirejs-angular-define deprecated
    • Features
      • Improved startup time: All Javascript resources are now minified (including plugins)
      • Advanced Process Instance Search (CAM-2697, enterprise edition only)
  • Camunda Tasklist
    • Features
      • Create a standalone task
      • Support custom libraries providing custom angular controllers and other components. (Docs)
      • Support for plugins (Docs)
All together, 75 issues were closed. Read the complete release notes in JIRA.
Camunda BPM is open source and can be downloaded from

Process Engine Bug Fixes

From the perspective of the process engine, this release is primarily a bugfix release with some minor new features mostly in the case management support. Community users running the process engine in production might consider upgrading to this release.
Enterprise subscription customers have already received these bug fixes backported to the 7.2 branch (or 7.1 if applicable) through their enterprise subscription.

Camunda Cockpit Known Issues

We started to upgrade some of the frontend frameworks we use in Cockpit. This includes the upgrade from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3 as well as the switch from Angular UI to Angular Bootstrap.

screenshot of invoice receipt in cockpit

As a result of this upgrade, the cockpit application currently has some known issues:
But don’t worry, Valentin is busy fixing them!

valentin fixing issues


We also finally added minification for cockpit:
Before: 222 Requests, 2.5 MB transferred

After: 18 Requests, 1.0 MB transferred

This should make cockpit better suited for Web / Cloud deployments

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