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The first Camunda community day in San Francisco took place on November 9th. More than 80% of people registered actually dropped by which is really great considering that registration was free. It was great to welcome attendees from all over the bay area, including Autodesk, SAP, LinkedIn, Gainsight, Intuit and Zymergen.

Frederic speaking at Camunda community day

The highlight of the day was the presentation given by Jimmy Floyd from 24 Hour Fitness. 24 Hour Fitness
“is the world’s largest (by memberships) privately owned and operated fitness center chain” (Wikipedia)
with more than 400 locations.

Jimmy speaking at Camunda community day

Jimmy explained how they use Camunda BPM for running their core business processes. They have more than 190
processes in production. BPMN given them great visibility into their business. Before mapping processes explicitly
with BPMN, “the truth was buried in the code and nobody knew what was going on”.
Their production metrics are very impressive: on a regular day they execute more than 20M BPMN instances and 18M DMN instances.
Inside their processes they heavily rely on DMN to automate decisions. They explained how they moved away from Jboss Drools
to Camunda DMN to achieve this.

The day was rounded off with a discussion roundtable and attendees shared their use cases and asked questions about
challenges they face.

Frederic took good care of us and made sure nobody went home hungry.

Frederic with a plate of bagels

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