Camunda Community Podcast Recap: Dynamic Scaling of Zeebe Brokers

Missed the latest episode of the Camunda Community Podcast? Catch up with a quick recap and learn all about one of the latest features in Zeebe, dynamic scaling.
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Did you miss the latest episode of the Camunda Community Podcast, Dynamic Scaling of Zeebe Brokers: “Christmas is coming, so I’m going to get new orders, so I’m going to scale”? Niall Deehan, Senior Developer Advocate, hosted a wide-ranging conversation with Deepthi Akkoorath, Senior Software Engineer. Listen in to hear our technical experts go deep into the new dynamic scaling capabilities of Zeebe clusters, giving you insight into how we developed this new feature, what it can do for you and what’s coming next for scaling Zeebe.

We hope you enjoy it! You can listen to the 33-minute podcast right here. Read on for a taste of some of the top takeaways you can expect to hear in the podcast.

Top takeaways from this podcast

Zeebe is the powerful cloud-native workflow and decision-engine at the core of Camunda 8. It uses a distributed architecture that is horizontally scalable, and dynamic scaling is our latest improvement to enhance the scalability even further. Dynamic scaling was a highly requested feature that you’ll learn all about.

The podcast covers the importance of partitions in Zeebe’s architecture, the simplicity of starting new brokers in Zeebe to scale up, and the performance improvements that are achievable. Of course, it also gets into the technical details about the protocols, APIs and management systems we used to get there. Niall and Deepthi also discuss the future of scaling, including the concept of adding partitions on the fly (allowing for true infinite scaling)

What they said

Want a taste of what each participant says in the podcast? Here’s a few quotes from each of the participants that we think encapsulates the episode well for you:

It’s one thing to hear that this new feature exists. It’s another to talk about its journey into the release. There’s lots more to come from this feature as well.

Niall Deehan, Senior Developer Advocate

Now, this, this feature, of course, is difficult, I imagine. I was a software developer a long time ago, and I never made anything very complicated. So even just thinking about where to start with this, it it all burns my brain so I’d love you to talk me through… what did you see as being the potential hurdles, the potential challenges? And how did you solve them?

Niall Deehan, Senior Developer Advocate (speaking to Deepthi)

Well, this has been a much-requested feature from community and also from our customers. The fundamental architecture of Zeebe allows horizontal scaling because we have these partitions. And you know you can add as many partitions as as you want, and it should be horizontally scalable. But support for this was not available… I was very excited to work on it.

Deepthi Akkoorath, Senior Software Engineer

What do you think?

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