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Category: Product
Check out the latest version of Camunda Desktop Modeler, including FEEL templating, a visual grid for diagrams and more.
Camunda Platform 8.2 brings a suite of features that improve the process development lifecycle and helps you further scale automation. Read the latest.
Introducing the Alpha release of the new rapid process testing functionality which is now available in Camunda Platform 8.
Do you use Red Hat OpenShift? We've greatly improved how Camunda Platform 8 runs on OpenShift. Learn what's new and see an installation step by step.
BPMN is an ideal tool for visualizing and controlling end-to-end business processes, including those that invoke RPA bots. Learn how to use them together.
We’re excited to share that an inbound HTTP Webhook Connector and an inbound GitHub Webhook Connector are now available in Camunda Platform 8.
Check out the latest release of Camunda Optimize. Optimize makes it possible to evaluate the success of your process automation initiative.
The fourth alpha release of Camunda Automation Runtime 7.19 features new job due date functionality, support for Quarkus 2.16.4 and more.