Camunda BPM Editions

Enterprise Edition
Community Edition
  • Camunda BPM platform with basic Cockpit
  • No Integration with IBM WAS or Oracle WLS
  • Help in public forum - no SLA
  • No patch releases - limited stability
  • No consulting services available
  • Open Source - available for free

Enterprise Cockpit

Operators use Cockpit to inspect running and completed process instances and take care of incidents. An operator can be a technical person like a system administrator or DevOps engineer but it can also be someone working in the business department.

The Camunda BPM Enterprise Edition comes with an advanced version of Cockpit which includes the following features:

Process Definition History

In the history view of the Process Definition you see an overview of all of the running and completed process instances.


Process Definition Heatmap

In this view, a heatmap is overlayed on the BPMN diagram showing which nodes and sequence flows have the most activity.


Process Instance History

You can inspect all historic details of a process instance like the audit log with activities and timestamps, the payload data and user actions.


Process Instance Migration

This feature helps you continue process instances that are in flight in a more recent version of the process definition.


Process Instance Modification

You can change the status of a running process instance and move the BPMN token in a drag and drop fashion in order to jump to another step.

Documentation Screencast (GIF)

Process Instance Batch Operations

Allows you to retry, cancel and delete huge amounts of process instances in a very simple fashion.


Decision Table Live Editing

DMN decision tables can be changed directly in Cockpit. This allows you to change business rules that are already deployed on the server.


DRD View

Lets you inspect a Decision Requirements Diagram and the according instances of executed decision tables.


CMMN Monitoring

Get an overview about running and completed CMMN case instances and search for case instances which fulfill certain search criteria.



The general dashboard displays key metrics for processes, decisions, deployments, reports and batches.


Process Duration Report

This report shows the average, minimum and maximum duration for a selected process definition and version for a given time frame.


Redeploy Model Definitions

You can redeploy an existing deployment to increase the version of all model definitions contained in the deployment.


Integration with IBM WAS and Oracle WLS

The Shared Engine Deployment Model

In this model the Camunda process engine is started inside the application server. The process engine is provided as a container service and can be shared by all applications deployed inside the container. The concept can be compared to a JMS Message Queue which is provided by the runtime and can be used by all applications. There is one-to-one mapping between process deployments and applications - the process engine keeps track of the process definitions deployed by an application and delegates execution to the application in question.

For IBM Websphere AS and Oracle Weblogic Server the Camunda shared engine deployment model is only available as part of the Camunda BPM Enterprise Edition.

How to install Camunda in IBM WAS How to install Camunda in Oracle WLS

SLA based support

For Development and Production

The Camunda Enterprise support helps you during development and in operation: During development it will increase your productivity as your questions about product features will be answered and your reported bugs are fixed quickly. In operation it ensures you will immediately receive qualified assistance in case of emergency.

Issue Tracking and Phone Support

Usually you communicate with our support via the issue tracking system (Atlassian JIRA) as this offers several advantages such as progress monitoring, documented communication, prioritization, etc. In urgent situations, you can also call our hotline. Your call is received directly in our Berlin HQ office (no external call center).

Direct Contact to Core Developers

Your support tickets will be taken care of by the same engineers that are also the core developers of the Camunda BPM platform. Those engineers are fluent in both English and German and can provide immediate assistance, look into bug reports, etcetera.

Proven Excellence

The response time for Camunda support is generally better than the guaranteed SLA: On average our customers get a qualified response to their requests within 80 minutes. When necessary we are often able to deliver a patch release to fix a reported bug on the same day we receive the report.

Beyond Support: Remote Consulting

The product support is focused on your questions regarding Camunda BPM as a product. If you need additional assistance we can help you with remote consulting. This service allows you to interact with a dedicated consultant via email, phone or web conference to discuss best practices, as well as receiving recommendations on your BPMN diagrams, DMN tables, project architecture or particular code. You can contact your consultant directly or submit a request with the product support which will be sent on to your consultant if necessary.


Camunda's Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a known metric for benchmarking customer satisfaction is currently more than 75%.

We have received very positive feedback for our support from numerous organizations using Camunda for mission-critical business processes, among them are AT&T, Allianz Indonesia, Deutsche Bahn, Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA), Lufthansa Technik, T-Mobile Austria, and Zalando.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The support offered in the base editions is based on the "Standard SLA". You can also choose the "Advanced SLA" option. This only effects particularly critical incidents ("Severity Level 1 incidents"). The "Advanced SLA" option is therefore especially useful if you want to protect the most critical processes in your live operation.

Level Name Description Availability Max. response time
Standard SLA Advanced SLA Standard SLA Advanced SLA
L1 Blocker Core components (i.e. process engine) of Camunda BPM do not work at all/produce critical errors that prevent usage in production mode. 8x5 24x7 8 business hours 2 hours
L2 Critical Usage of Camunda BPM is seriously affected, a workaround is urgently needed. 8x5 8 business hours
L3 Help Request Non-critical errors, Help Requests, Feature Requests. 8x5 16 business hours

Availability: Within this time frame the ticket is worked on.

Response time: Time span in which you will get a qualified answer to your inquiry. This is not an automatic reply e-mail but the result of the examination of your request by a qualified employee.

8x5 = Monday to Friday 9am-5pm CET, except on public holidays in Berlin, Germany.

One business hour = one hour within a 8x5-availability

Patch Releases

We currently publish a fully tested minor release of Camunda BPM every six months. Despite our extensive testing those releases may still contain bugs that can become a critical risk if you are using Camunda BPM in production and a hassle if you are still in development.

The solution is patch releases: These are releases we publish as soon as we have fixed any bugs that we have discovered or that have been reported to us. This will allow you to get rid of those bugs before the next minor release so you do not have to wait for six months or more. We also backport the bugfixes to previous Camunda releases so if you do not want to migrate from Camunda BPM 7.4 to 7.5 just because you need a bugfix you can take the 7.4.x patch release instead.

Patch releases are only available for enterprise subscription customers as the table below explains.

Release Example Description Community Enterprise
Major 7.0 The Major release contains fundamental new features and bugfixes. It is fully tested and meant to be used for production systems. The Major release may contain incompatible API changes.
Minor 7.4 The Minor release contains features and bugfixes. It is fully tested and meant to be used for production systems. In Minor releases we add functionality in a backwards compatible manner.
Development 7.5-alpha1 We release alpha versions in short iteration cycles. Those development releases are previews of an upcoming minor or major release and contain the latest features and bug fixes. They are not fully tested and a snapshot of the current development state.
Patch 7.4.1 Whenever bugs are fixed we perform patch releases. Patch releases do not contain new features and are meant as a further stabilization of existing major or minor releases. They are are fully tested and only available for enterprise subscription customers.

Premium Consulting

For questions that go beyond product support, enterprise customers get exclusive access to our consulting team. Typical examples include best practice recommendations or a comprehensive review of your process models, decision tables, code or general setup. You will receive:

  • Annual renewing remote consulting hours that allow you to interact with our dedicated consulting team by e-mail, phone or web conference.
  • Eligibility to book on-site engagements such as kick-off workshops, trainings, architecture reviews and much more.
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