Come One, Come All and Join Us for CamundaCon 2024 Berlin

There will be a lot to learn and explore for everyone at CamundaCon 2024 Berlin, our first conference merging CamundaCon and Camunda Community Summit.
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We’re excited to invite you to join us in just a few short months for CamundaCon 2024 Berlin. Whether you’re joining us in-person or online, this is the leading conference to join with other IT professionals and learn, network and grow around process orchestration. We’ve packed it with great speakers and events and are eager to share the details with you—and most importantly, to see you there!

Who should attend CamundaCon 2024 Berlin?

Anyone interested in the value of process orchestration and automation, whether you are designing, developing, deploying, implementing or orchestrating processes, would be a great fit at this event. With four carefully curated tracks, there is a steady stream of speakers geared towards business leaders and decision makers, as well as technical developers and architects. You can check out the full agenda here, where you can sort by interest using the most relevant hashtag.

If you’re still wondering if the event is for you, we think the event is a great fit for anyone with roles from developers, enterprise architects and business analysts to CoE leaders, IT managers and CTOs. If this sounds like you, don’t hesitate!

Why should I attend CamundaCon 2024 Berlin?

This conference represents the first time we have merged the CamundaCon and CamundaCommunity Summit into a single hybrid event. You’ll find collaborative learning opportunities on both technical and business and use-case oriented levels, and plenty of chances to meet new people and grow your knowledge.

Here are some of the highlights of the agenda:

Amazing speakers

Camunda CEO and co-founder, Jakob Freund, at CamundaCon 2023

You will, of course, hear from a huge number of fantastic speakers. Here are just a few that you won’t want to miss.

Day 1 Keynote: Jakob Freund, CEO and Co-Founder

Day 2 Keynote: Bernd Ruecker, Chief Technologist and Co-Founder, and Daniel Meyer, Chief Technology Officer

In these keynotes, you’ll hear directly from the leadership team at Camunda about the future of the industry and how Camunda can help you achieve your process orchestration goals. These talks are always among the most popular at CamundaCon events and you’ll want to be there to hear them.

Day 2 Keynote: Sarah Hsu, Course Chair Green Software Foundation

On the second day of the event you’ll hear an exciting keynote presentation from Sarah Hsu. Sarah is a strong advocate for sustainable software and a Site Reliability Engineer who just helped launch a free training course named “Green Software for Practitioners.” Catch this talk to learn more about sustainable development.

Transformative Tales: RBC’s Journey to Accelerated Lending with Camunda

Hear how Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) and NTConsult revolutionized their customer lending process with Camunda. Hear their journey from the initial decision to digitize, to creating a dynamic checklist process that cut loan execution time by 60%! Learn how you can generate similar benefits in your business, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability.

Architecting for the Future: Reducing the risk of migration from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8

Learn how Deloitte designed an architecture that supports an easy transition from Camunda 7 to Camunda 8. Discover how they did it—and the cherry on top? They’re about to embark on a new project directly on Camunda 8, building reusable services for their Camunda 7 to Camunda 8 transition.

Elevating Digital Foundations: Deutsche Telekom’s Agile Journey with Camunda BPMN

Learn how Camunda helps reduce time to market for Deutsche Telekom and enables quick response to customer feedback. Find out how they tackle scaling challenges, keep their tech stack harmonized and up to date, and exceed newly raised business expectations in this interactive session.

Camunda Based Renewal of an Output Management Solution

Discover how Allianz Suisse seamlessly transferred their archiving and customer communication system while keeping surrounding systems intact. Witness the power of the external task pattern in action, managing the conversion, archiving, and emailing of up to 300,000 documents daily, and about their hybrid cloud setup and how it contributed to this success.


A staple of Camunda Community events, this is a much-loved participant-driven event that is open to all. Attendees collaborate to create the agenda, discuss technical and business topics, and hear from experts.

Executive Meetings

Meet with Camunda Leaders like CEO Jakob Freund, CTO Daniel Meyer or Co-founder & Chief Technologist Bernd Ruecker for 1:1 conversations. Available on both Day 1 and Day 2. (Reach out to your Camunda contact today to get your meeting scheduled.)

Code Clinic

Experts in BPMN, Zeebe, and Camunda, will step onto the stage equipped with just a laptop, a large screen, and a microphone, to tackle any question that comes their way. Don’t miss this real-life ‘thunderdome’ of the nerdy variety.

Welcome Hackday & Building Groups

Collaborate in teams to craft exciting and engaging projects using Camunda. There will be two distinct ‘challenges’ tailored for tech-savvy individuals as well as visionary BPMN business enthusiasts.

Afterparty and networking

After the first day of the conference, don’t forget about the afterparty! With great music and delicious food, this is a lively and fun chance to relax and connect with other attendees and get to know them better.

Networking and just having fun at CamundaCon 2023

When and where is it?

CamundaCon 2024 Berlin takes place in Berlin at the West Haven Event & Convention Center, and you can find a lot more info on how to arrive there here. As a hybrid event, you can also easily join online from anywhere in the world! The event will take place from May 15-16, 2024.

How do I  join?

Simple! Just head over to and hit the register now button. Registration for online attendance is completely free, and early-bird pricing for in-person attendees is still available. Don’t miss out—can’t wait to see you there!

PS: Don’t forget that CamundaCon is coming to New York City this fall! Stay in the loop by subscribing for updates here.

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